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The Indian economy has been passing through a trajectory of high growth for several years. The overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is estimated to grow at 8.9% with the agriculture and allied sectors projected to grow at 3.6 %. Despite the fact that Rural India, with almost 74% of the population, has much to offer to the world by way of its rich traditions in arts, crafts and culture, it has not kept pace with Urban India, due to topographical constraints, inadequate infrastructure and insufficiently trained human resource.

Keeping in view the need to bring the rural youth, especially belonging to the lower strata of rural society, to the level of their urban counterparts, Centre for Integrated Rural Development (CIRD) of ITFT Education Group is working with a Mission:

"To provide opportunity to the rural youth, especially, youth belonging to lower strata of rural society for
skill development to make them employable in the fast developing Service Industry and in other economic activities"

CIRD through its various skill development training initiatives and research activities, targets to upgrade the knowledge & skills of Rural Youth to bring them in the main stream of the Country after providing them with the skills required among rural youth towards their employment generation and entrepreneurship. It is a Centre of Excellence for Rural Development Training and Research & Caters to every facility required for the students/trainees/ researchers, form India and abroad.

From its establishment, CIRD is working for the development of rural and urban people in various fields such as Edcucation, Personality Development, Soft Skills, Computer Education, Employment Generation, Entrepreneurship Skills etc. At the time of foundation of CIRD, it is cleared that the organization works for rural, poor and socially deprived people and make them strong and self dependent to improve their life style and living standard by providing them modern education and also equip them with the skills which are required by Corporate world. CIRD continuously working for providing computer education to the rural peoples and making them with the skills necessary to become self dependent and to earn livelihood through good knowledge of computer and Information Technology.

CIRD attempts to bridge the widening divide between those who have access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginalized from the ‘new economy’ jobs. CIRD addresses this endemic problem with a market-based approach that is sensitive to the socio-economic needs of marginalized youth in the 18-35 years age group. To enable them to gain a foothold in the competitive job market, CIRD helps them acquire the required livelihood and soft skills in an environment of learning and mentoring that is responsive to the individual’s emotional and developmental needs.

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